[clas_members] New task list for CLAS12 Service Work ready

Silvia Niccolai silvia at jlab.org
Fri May 18 09:56:43 EDT 2018

Dear all,
Raffaella has put together, with the support of the CLAS12-subdetector 
contact persons and with Bryan's precious help, a very useful and 
comprehensive list of the CLAS12-related tasks that need to be manned, 
and that can count as Service Work for the various CLAS institutions.

The link is:

The page can also be accessed directly from the main Hall B page, clicking 
on "CLAS12 Service Work Task List", written in bold right below the 
"Shifts, Reviews and Service Work Login" link.

The tasks include things like software development, systematic running of 
existing calibration codes, Monte-Carlo studies, checks on real data, as 
well as hardware.

The majority of the tasks can be performed offsite.

The kind of expertise required is specified in the task description.

The table also lists the number of Service Work FTEs that the task will 
provide to whoever volounteers for it, as well as the contact person for 
the project, and an indication of its timeline.

If one logs into the web interface an extra column is available, on which 
one can click to sign up for the task.

I encourage anyone looking for a new project to comply with the 
Service Work requirements for his/hers institution (and especially, 
institution representatives!) to look at the Task List and pick one or 
more tasks. Please feel free to contact the contact person if you 
have doubts on a project, on the required skills, etc.

Thanks again to Raffaella for preparing all this!

Best regards,
Silvia (SWC Chair)

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