[clas_members] MSU shifts

Viktor Mokeev mokeev at jlab.org
Mon Nov 5 12:48:30 EST 2018

Dear Collaborators,
as you may have heard, Russian scientists affiliated to Russian Institutions are presently unable to visit the Lab because of difficulties in obtaining the DOE authorisation to be on site. Several attempts have been done but, as of now, none of us has received the authorisation to visit over the last 24 months and there are no indication of when this could change. Because of these situation, which is beyond our control, we will be unable to cover the shifts we have been allocated in the next months. Some colleagues who are on site have already volunteered to cover some of our shifts but at this moment we still have 20 shifts that we cannot cover. We are therefore sending this message asking for help in covering this shifts. Unfortunately, given this situation, we cannot promise we will be able to return the favour you would be doing to us but we hope nevertheless you will be able to help us.

Thanks for your understanding,
			                Boris Ishkhanov, Chair of the General Nuclear Physics Department at MSU,
                                        Victor Mokeev, MSU Institutonal Relresentative in the CLAS Collaboration

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