[clas_members] SoS submission deadline - and instructions online

Silvia Niccolai silvia at jlab.org
Thu Nov 22 04:01:46 EST 2018

Dear CLAS members,
November 30 (8 days from now) is the deadline for the submission of the 
Statements of Service (the 2018 AND 2019 ones) for CLAS Collaboration 

I have given a presentation to the CLAS meeting, last week, providing some 
practical instructions, both on the CLAS12 Task List and on how to submit 
the SoS. 
The slides can be found at the link: 

If you still have doubts or further questions after looking at these 
slides, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to seeing your SoS's!

Happy Thanksgiving and best regards,
Silvia (Service Work Committee)

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