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Dear collaborators,

There will Hall B training session Tuesday November 12th at 16:30. Six people already signed up. I can take a couple more for this one. Another session will be Friday November 15th afternoon.  Please contact me if you are interested.


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Subject: [clas_members] safety training for shifts

Dear collaborators,

CLAS will resume running at the end of November shortly after the collaboration meeting. This is a reminder for those who will be taking shifts, particularly for new members and those whose training may have expired.

Required training for shift takers: ODH, RadWorker and Hall B safety awareness including hall walkthrough. Radiation training can be done on-site only. Walkthrough can be done only when the hall is open. All required training must be complete before your first shift. Plan accordingly. The walkthrough can be arranged during upcoming collaboration meeting. If you need this training please contact me.

Those who had JLab training before check if it is not expired.

For new members who did not have training before here is some guidance:
Some courses you can complete remotely before you come to JLab. They can be accessed from the web based training page https://www.jlab.org/human_resources/training/webbasedtraining
SAF103  Oxygen Deficiency Hazard (ODH) Training<http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/train/ODH/Oxygen_Deficiency_Hazard_Training/index.html> --- can be done remotely
Radiation training has several parts (in this order):
SAF801C  Rad Worker I Initial Training<https://www.jlab.org/div_dept/train/Radiation_Training/RW1/JEF091501_PPT_Design_Units1-2_R1%20(Published)/index.html> ---- can be done remotely
SAF801kd General Access RWP<https://misportal.jlab.org/railsForms/rad_work_permits/79633/briefing> --- can be done remotely
SAF801T Radiation Worker I Knowledge—Assessment  ---- can be done on-site only at any time during working hours, no special arrangement is necessary. It is a computer test with multiple choice questions. It usually takes under 1 hour.
SAF801P Radiation Worker I Knowledge—Implementation  --- can be done on-site only. It is not available every day and needs to be scheduled in advance with RadCon. Send email to: radcon_train at jlab.org<mailto:radcon_train at jlab.org> When you contact them you may include me in CC:
Once you complete these you can get a dosimeter.
SAF111 Hall B Safety Awareness Training <http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/train/SAF111/Hall%20B%20worker%20Safety%20Training%20(SAF111)%20%2008%2001-12-1.pdf> --- it includes on-line part and walkthrough. On-line part can be done remotely. Walkthrough can be done after you complete everything above and have your dosimeter. It only can be done when the hall is open.


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