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Bryan McKinnon Bryan.McKinnon at glasgow.ac.uk
Tue Oct 1 14:16:27 EDT 2019

Dear CLAS Collaborators

Since the announcement of the Accelerator schedule, we are now publishing the Shifts Schedule for the 2020 CLAS12 run period from 8th January -> 6th May 2020.

This results in a total of 120 days with 180 shift blocks to be covered. Some points to keep in mind:

- The allocation is based upon the number of Term and Full Members listed at your Institute in such a way that you should expect a number of blocks over the period which is proportional to your percentage of CLAS Membership.

- The numbers this allocation mean that in general there is one shift block for every member.

- The period marked as Install/Rad Test requires shift takers in the counting house so the schedule has no break.

- As you may know, ITEP and MSU are currently exempt from shifts which is why they do not appear.

- The Swap and Trade periods are set as follows and are applicable for the entire 2020 allocation:
    Foreign Institute Swaps: 1st October (today) until 19th November 2019
    Domestic Institute Swaps: 20th November 2019 until 24th December 2019
    Trades: Open any time since they require acceptance from both parties.

Please do not attempt to swap any 2020 shifts into the fall 2019 schedule, or vice-versa.
(the allocation for the remainder of 2019 running is set and should not be changed by any swap. Not that anyone would try to circumvent this of course, but If it happens, it will simply be reversed).

The schedule can be found here:

As ever, if you have any issues please contact me and I will be happy to help.

Bryan (Shiftbot), Mauri (PDL)


Dr. Bryan McKinnon

Nuclear and Hadron Physics Research
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ
Scotland UK

Tel: (+44/0) 141-330-7226

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