[clas_members] SoS deadline December 15

silvia at jlab.org silvia at jlab.org
Wed Dec 2 05:20:31 EST 2020

Dear all,
as announced at the last CLAS meeting, this year we have pushed a bit
compared to past years the deadline for the submission of the Statements
of Service (SoS). The SoS are due by December 15th, which is in a bit less
than two weeks. I encourage all members, and in particular all the
Institution Representatives, to please look at the instructions and
tutorials that I presented at the last CLAS meeting:


and then to start working at the SoS submission. I am available for any
doubt or question, and if you have problems with the web interface please
contact Bryan McKinnon.

There are still tasks available on the CLAS12 Task List.
In any case, I encourage everyone (in particular detector contact people
and experiment coordinators) to look at the list to verify that the names
pre-assigned to some tasks are correct and that the task owner is aware of
his job.

Thanks a lot and best regards,
Silvia (Service Work Committee)

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