[clas_members] Reminder of the policy on Social Distancing in counting room

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Sat Mar 21 18:05:40 EDT 2020

Dear all,

The requirement to keep a distance of at least 6 feet between any 2 people in the Counting House is not a nettlesome bureaucratic rule or otherwise unnecessary burden, but ESSENTIAL for us to continue doing our job. People have every right to feel uncomfortable if their “safety space" is encroached on by others - even if those others don’t think this rule is necessary. Please be considered of others and keep your distance! In particular, do not all crowd around one monitor - any display worth looking at can be brought up on a different monitor, as well (or projected onto the large wall monitors that can be seen from a distance). If we are caught violating the rules (yes, we are on camera 24/7!), our experiment or the whole Lab might be shut down!

To help with these requirements, there should be rarely more than 2 to at most 3 people in the counting house at any time. If both shift expert and worker are present, they should sit at least 6 feet apart facing in different directions. The RC should stay behind the row of desks reserved for the RC. If there is a NEED for a RTPC expert to be present, as well,  that person should either be located at the “reserved” computer desk near the entrance door, or otherwise at least 6 foot away from all others. Nobody should use the counting house as “office away from home”, to store their personal items (bookpacks, computers,…) or any other purpose than to do a job that is critical for the experiment. There are cubicles (and the conference room) on the 2nd floor of the Counting House for all other purposes.

- From Sebastian - 

Regards, Stepan

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