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Bryan McKinnon Bryan.McKinnon at glasgow.ac.uk
Fri Jul 30 12:10:23 EDT 2021

Dear all

The shift schedule for the upcoming run has been published and can be viewed here:


Some important points:

- Schedule starts 18 October (a couple of days before the listed run start date) and ends 20 December.

- As always this takes into account the usual allocation of shifts by percentage of personnel w.r.t. total CLAS membership translated into shifts per person. Rounding (up or down) accounts to allocate at least one block to each institute plus other algorithmic needs.

- Of course this time has been different given the circumstances and the algorithm was tweaked to account for the responses we got regarding remote/onsite and expert/worker coverage. I used the responses gathered from Silvia's survey plus some common-sense (cautious erring) interpretation where the response was unclear or non-existent.

- Under the circumstances, the shift swapping (unilateral changing of blocks) that we normally do, is in my opinion redundant and a potential cause for conflict. The options are also limited since the pool of domestic/local in the worker category is reduced. Swapping is therefore not available. 

- Trading of shifts is available. Trades require the agreement of both parties. Please remember that it is most appropriate, and especially important this time, to request Trades within the same category (Expert for Expert, Worker for Worker).

- Institute Reps should attempt to conduct Trading of blocks, if appropriate, before allocating names to the blocks.

- Both Trading and Shifts Sign-up are now open.

- If you have any issues with the interface please do not hesitate to contact me mckinnon at jlab.org

- If you have any issues filling your allocation, please contact me mckinnon at jlab.org and the PDL Valery vpk at jlab.org 



Dr. Bryan McKinnon

Nuclear and Hadron Physics Research
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ
Scotland UK

Tel: (+44/0) 141-330-7226

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