[clas_members] FW: Proposal for new pi0 transition form factor measurement experiment in Hall B

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>From Ilya Larin. Reply to him if you are interested to join this proposal.


From: Ilya Larin <ilarin at jlab.org>
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Subject: Proposal for new pi0 transition form factor measurement experiment in Hall B

Dear CLAS collaborators,

My apologies if you have received this more than once.

We are preparing a new proposal to measure the neutral pion transition form factor in Hall B. The neutral pion TFF measurement has been originally proposed by the PrimEx collaboration and
included in white papers as one of the key experiments in Jefferson Lab 12 GeV program.

Key features of the experiment are:

* first precision pi0 TFF measurement at the low Q^2 range (Q^2 = 0.003...0.3 GeV^2) in the space like region.

* ability to extract pi0 radiative width with the precision comparable with the PrimEx measurement.

* Aiming to significantly improve known TFF parameters impacting on the (g-2)_mu anomaly: the large uncertainty in the SM prediction for the muon magnetic moment, Hadronic Light-by-Light scattering critically depends on the knowledge of TFF in the low Q^2 region.

A draft version of the proposal is posted at:


We would like to invite you to join this proposal. Please let us
know. We would appreciate any comments or suggestion you may have regarding this draft.


Ilya Larin,
also for Dan Dale, Liping Gan, and Rory Miskimen.

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