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Sat Aug 6 09:15:01 EDT 2022

Logentry Text:
RF Recovery during Day Shift:
- RICH compressor delivered to the hall
- Cole repaired ECAL cable connection
- James took a new NMR baseline and updated the shim coil power supply firmware
- Sergey replaced a board
- FMT detector was retrieved from hall after radiation survey (together with a few power supplies and boards)
- William took some HTCC runs

Hall B was ready for beam at 1 PM, the RF Recovery Day was slightly extended and beam became available a little after 5 PM.

The beam was initially sent to the tagger and harp scans performed. 
When setting up for the Moller measurement, Nathan noticed that the upstream Moller quadruple was 100 A too low.
Decided to postpone the Moller measurement to after checkout of quadrupole magnet.
When turning detector HVs back on, no communication with sector 3 HV mainframe for PCAL and FTOF.
Rafayel, Jose, Nathan and Sergey investigated and entered the hall to change the mainframe CPU.
They could not replace the CPU (older type mainframe) and am asking Mark for help replacing CPU (or will swap the mainframe today).

Beam was not available after the harp scans because of several accelerator issues and thunder showers.

Beam became available shortly after midnight, the hall was closed and ready for beam an hour later.
We started data taking on ND3, polarization about +0.64 (new baseline), at 1:45.

Accumulated charge on target right now 3.8E15, aim for anneal is 5E15.
(It will take about 1 day of good beam to reach 5E15.)

We will have a RC meeting today at 2 PM.

RC Meeting Coordinates:
Meeting ID: 160 867 4253
Passcode: 786506

Data taking progress:
Owl 4.0 nA on ND3 (HWP IN), completed runs 16580 (16 M), 16581 (55 M)


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