[clas_members] [New Logentry] RC Daily Summary August 11, 2022

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Thu Aug 11 10:30:01 EDT 2022

Logentry Text:
Data taking on ND3 during the owl, day, and swing shifts on Wednesday, with  target polarization between -0.4 and -0.2.

Switched HWP to IN during the day shift.

Beam stopped at 6:30am on 10/11/2022 for a Machine Maintenance Day. 

Hall is presently in Restricted Access. 

Target material will be being switched to NH3 from ND3. Other maintenance work, HTCC LED runs, and safety-walk through are also planned for today. 

We will have the daily RC meeting today at 2 PM:

RC Meeting Coordinates:
Meeting ID: 160 867 4253
Passcode: 786506

   Data taking progress   4.0 nA on negatively polarized ND3

   Wednesday Day:   run 16629 (75 M, HWP OUT), run 16630(78M, HWP OUT), run 16631(43M , HWP IN)

   Wednesday Swing: HWP IN: 16632 (46M), 16633(77M), 16634(73M)

   Thursday Owl Shift:   HWP IN : 16635(0.8M), 16636(41M), 16637(0.9M), 16638(0.2M)



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