[clas_members] From Or Hen: IUPAP/HEP (ICHEP) young scientist award to Adi Ashkenazi

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Fri Jul 8 11:19:33 EDT 2022

Dear Collaborators,
I am pleased to share with you the news that Adi Ashkenazi, former MIT
postdoc, currently one of the RG-M spokespersons, who gave a very
interesting seminar at our last CLAS meeting, has won the IUPAP/HEP
(ICHEP) young scientist award.
More infos in the email below.
Best regards,

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From: Or Hen <hen at mit.edu>
Subject: IUPAP/HEP (ICHEP) young scientist award
Date: July 8, 2022 at 9:36:29 AM GMT+2
To: deandj at jlab.org, bmck at jlab.org, Rolf Ent <ent at jlab.org>, Cynthia
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Hi All,

It's not every day that a key HEP prize goes to NP work, but it's sure
nice when it happens. I’m therefore very happy to share that Adi
Ashkenazi, our recent postdoc, received the IUPAP/HEP young scientist
award for “ For conducting and leading new experiments to study
nuclear-physics effects that take place in neutrino interactions 
 “, i.e.
work on MicroBooNE and e4nu at CLAS.

She will be reciving the prize at the ICHEP conference next week, where
she will also present a plenary talk about this work.


Or Hen,
Massachusetts institute of Technology,
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

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