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Thu Jun 2 14:09:25 EDT 2022

Dear Collaborators,

It is with deep sorrow and regret that we inform you about the sudden
passing of Bernd Krusche.

Bernd has been one of the founders of the A2 Collaboration and a main
contributor to all A2 activities.
Our CLAS Collaboration has a lot of overlapped tasks with the A2. His loss
will be felt throughout our scientific community.

Best Igor

Igor Strakovsky, SAID INS The George Washington University
VSTC: 571-553-8344, Cell: 703-728-5627, Skype: igors1945_2
Emails: igor at gwu.edu, igor at jlab.org

 From: Tigran Rostomyan <tr361 at physics.rutgers.edu>
> Date: Thu, Jun 2, 2022, 05:32
> Subject: Sad news from Uni Basel
> To: muse_core at googlegroups.com <muse_core at googlegroups.com>
> Dear colleagues,
> With great regret, I must inform that, due to severe post-surgery
> side-effects, Prof. Dr. Bernd Krusche passed away last evening.
> R.I.P. Bernd...
> Tiko

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