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Thursday, 6/9 - Friday, 6/10:
* Replaced 20 mm dia NH3 target cell with 15 mm dia NH3 cell
* Were able to get a TE (=Thermal Equilibrium) signal with the thinner cell, albeit with larger uncertainty
* Were able to polarize the thinner cell up to 62% polarization (as opposed to 90% for the 20 mm target cell)
* Mechanical issue with the target sample "trolley" system -> will require preventative repair
-> Started to warm up target after removing the thin NH3 cel
* Complete raster test with RasterMon, DAQ and analog signal in CH

PLAN for Friday: Continue warm up target, repair trolley system, cool down again and insert cross-hair raster calibration target
Lock up Hall at 7:30 a.m. Saturday 6/11 and start tuning for beam.

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