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Rad Worker Training Requirements for Users

If it is determined that you will need RW-I qualifications (your Sponsor will decide this), you will need to:

  *   Take the RWI course - SAF801C. View it from here:  https://www.jlab.org/human_resources/training/webbasedtraining
  *   Read and sign the General Access RWP - SAF801kd.  View it from here:  https://www.jlab.org/human_resources/training/webbasedtraining
  *   Request a dosimeter. Please use the link below for this request.  On-line Dosimeter Request Form <https://misportal.jlab.org/railsForms/dosimeter_requests/search>
  *   Use our booking tool when you are ready to take the RWI test with RadCon or you can choose to take your test at the User Liasion Office on a walk-in basis.  If you choose to schedule your test, use this link:


  *   Use our booking tool when you are ready to make an appointment to take the RWI practical. All practicals are handled in Building 52 by RadCon staff. You must have taken the RWI TEST before sitting for the practical.   BOOK YOUR PRACTICAL HERE: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/JeffersonLabRadConElectronicTest@jeffersonlab.onmicrosoft.com/bookings/

We have a 2 week backlog for scheduling practical appointments at this time. Please keep this in mind when booking your shifts and/or travel to the lab.  Please understand that the RadCon Staff does not have a dedicated training staff.  We are doing the best we can to keep up with the demand for this class.  Any questions, please email us at:  radcon_train at jlab.org<mailto:radcon_train at jlab.org>

If your Rad Worker I test has been expired for 4 years or more, your Rad Worker I Practical will also expire.  You will be required to re-take the Rad Worker I Practical with the RadCon Office on an appointment basis. Please check our training calendar for open appointments: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/JeffersonLabRadConElectronicTest@jeffersonlab.onmicrosoft.com/bookings/

If you are a User at Jefferson Lab, you should visit the JRIS website to get all the information you will need on requirements for site access.  Visit their webpage here:



Dosimeter changeout will occur on Friday, July 1 at 9 a.m. Please leave your dosimeter in its assigned rack and it will be exchanged automatically. If you will need your dosimeter while the Radiation Control Department exchanges them on Monday morning, please call 757-269-7236.

If you miss the changeout that morning, please drop your dosimeter off in the white drop box located outside of the entrance to the ES&H building (bldg. 52) near the USPS mailboxes/parking lot. It will be exchanged within 24 hours or the next business day. For questions, contact Becky Mosbrucker<mailto:becky at jlab.org> or call 757-269-7236.

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