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Dear all,

This is a reminder that tomorrow instead of the round table meeting we will have interview/seminar for a candidate for the Hall-B postdoc position, see below.

Regards, Stepan

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Hall B virtual seminar

Jiwan Poudel
Old Dominion University

Studies of BONuS12 Radial GEM Detector
and TCS Beam Spin Asymmetry in CLAS12


The Barely Offshell Nucleon Structure (BONuS12) experiment adopted the concept of spectator tagging technique to study the nearly-free neutron structure function Fn2 in the CLAS12 of Jefferson Lab. A novel Radial Time Projection Chamber (RTPC) detector was built, tested, and integrated into the CLAS12 system to detect a back-moving low momentum tagged proton in d(e, ep)X deep-inelastic scattering. It was a 40 cm long gaseous detector consisting of 3 layers of cylindrical GEM foils for the charge amplification, with the data readout directly from the surrounding padboard. The RTPC detected the recoiling spectator proton, in coincidence with the scattered. electron in the CLAS12.
Nucleon structure functions are directly related to the partonic functions, quarks momentum distribution in one dimension. A Generalized Parton Distribution (GPD) came to the lime-light as it encodes the information of both longitudinal momentum and transverse position of partons inside the nucleons. Factorization of the hard process such as DVCS allows to access GPDs. Timelike Compton Scattering (TCS), γp → γ∗p, is another process that allows to access the GPDs. TCS is studied experimentally in the CLAS12 of Jefferson lab using the quasi-real photoproduction of time-like photon which eventually decays to lepton pair. I will present the concept of spectator tagging in BONuS12, and the research and development efforts during the BONuS12 preparation leading up to the successful data-taking during spring and summer 2020, with some preliminary analysis results. In addition, an analysis framework to extract the beam spin asymmetry of TCS events through the CLAS12 Run group A data will also be presented.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


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