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Wed Sep 7 12:31:01 EDT 2022

Today’s RC meeting will be at 2:15 like every Wednesday.
Note that all RC meetings (and links to RC summaries) can be found at

- Sebastian

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Installed the ND3 target at end of day shift
Reestablished the maximum raster pattern and optimum beam position.
Eugene placed TLDs around the hall to monitor radiation dose during target irradiation
Increased the beam current to 30 nA for target irradiation. Limited by FSD trips.
Goal is 1-2 x 10^15 e/cm^2.
Limited by RSAD to 50 nA for 4.8 hours. Requested permission to run at 30 nA for 8 hours instead. Received permission at 10 pm.
Chose to run at 30 nA for 4.8 hours, then run at 10 nA (while taking data) for 10 hours to get the target group recommended irradiation dose.
opened up at 0800 for target annealing during maintenance day. Some confusion about whether the maintenance day would be 4 or 8 hours. It will be at least 8 hours.

This is the final daily summary from this RC. Thanks to Daria and Sebastian for taking over a little early so I can teach at 1:00 today.

There will be an RC meeting (led by Daria) following the Wednesday MCC 1:30 meeting.

- Larry

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