[clas_members] [New Logentry] RC Daily Summary February 1, 2023

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Wed Feb 1 10:55:02 EST 2023

Logentry Text:
Day Shift:
The solenoid was successfully ramped to full field early and the 15 mm empty target cell used for target/beam position alignment runs.
>From 12:00 to 13:00 the target was changed to 20 mm carbon.
Carbon data taking with 4 nA beam (small adjustment of raster offset toward end of shift).

Evening Shift:
Carbon data taking with 4 nA until about 20:30 when the beam went off.
22:30 Solenoid isolation vacuum alarm, turbo pump stopped working. Denny came in to fix the problem.

Night Shift:
2:00 Turbo fore pump temporarily replaced and hall ready for beam.
Data taking on carbon until 6:30 when the beam stopped for Maintenance Day (beam was unavailable for about 1 hour during that time).

After completion of target change to ND3, polarize target positive and take production data with 4 nA.
Hall Lockup scheduled for 15:00.

We will have a RC meeting today at 2:15 PM.

RC Meeting Coordinates:
Meeting ID: 160 867 4253
Passcode: 786506


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