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Tue Feb 7 09:28:01 EST 2023

Dear Collaborators,
I am very glad to announce that the article "A multidimensional study of
the structure function ratio σLT′/σ0 from hard exclusive
π+ electro-production off protons in the GPD regime", by S. Diehl et
al., has just been accepted for publication by Physics Letters B.
Many congratulations to Stefan (this is his third CLAS Collaboration paper
as lead author, and he has another one in CW review right now!), his
co-authors, the RGA team and all of us!
Best regards,

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Date:    Tue, February 7, 2023 9:19 am
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Dear Silvia, Dear Latifa,

I just got the message that the exclusive pi+ paper is accepted by PLB.

Best regards,

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Ms. Ref. No.: PLB-D-22-01513R1
Title: A multidimensional study of the structure function ratio σLT'/σ0
from hard exclusive π+ electro-production off protons in the GPD regime
Physics Letters B PLB-D-22-01513R1

Dear Dr. Stefan Diehl,

I am pleased to confirm that your paper "A multidimensional study of the
structure function ratio σLT'/σ0 from hard exclusive π+
electro-production off protons in the GPD regime" has been accepted for
publication in Physics Letters B.

Comments from the Editor and Reviewers can be found below.

Thank you for submitting your work to this journal.

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objects – including raw data, methods, protocols, software, hardware and
other outputs – associated with their paper. More information on how our
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With kind regards,

M Doser
Physics Letters B

Comments from the Editors and Reviewers:

Reviewer #1: The revised version is improved with the authors taking
into account my previous referee comments. It will be a useful addition
to the GPD related literature.

Reviewer #2: I would like to thank the authors for addressing my
comments to full extend and changing the text accordingly. I think the
paper has largely improved
and is ready for publication. I have no further comments.

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