[clas_members] detailed instruction to register on indico for Paris CLAS12 workshop

silvia at jlab.org silvia at jlab.org
Mon Jan 16 12:27:12 EST 2023

Dear CLAS Collaborators,
I am receiving emails from some of you having a hard time registering for
the Paris CLAS12 workshop. I am sorry if the instructions I posted on the
indico page were not clear enough. I'll try to clarify things in this
Once you are on the workshop web page
(https://indico.ijclab.in2p3.fr/event/9131/), in order to register for the
workshop you must first register in the IJCLab indico system. To do this,
after cliking on the "Login" arrow on the top right of the page, you must
pick the bottom option EDUGAIN/RENATER/JANUS (see attached screenshot).
Once you have done this you'll see a drop-down menu in which you should be
able to find your institution (see attached screenshot, with the example
of ODU). I checked, and I could find many CLAS institutions (JLab, ODU,
W&M, Fairfield, etc). Once you're logged in the IJCLab indico, you can
register for the workshop via the Registration tab. I hope it is clear
I see that several of you have managed, so I am hopeful :-)
If you encounter any problems, please contact me (silvia at jlab.org).
Thank you and best regards,
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