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Dear Colleagues,

In the last year, several workshops aimed at pursuing an energy upgrade to
22 GeV of CEBAF with the goal of advancing the frontiers of our knowledge
across the spectrum of topics in nuclear physics have been organized by
the JLab user community and staff with guidance from JLab management. This
upgraded facility at the luminosity frontier will open up a rich and
unique experimental nuclear physics program that combines the illustrious
history of the laboratory with an exciting scientific future.  Following
the workshops,  an editorial committee has collected input from the
community and assembled a White Paper that outlines the scientific program
with CEBAF at 22 GeV.

The document is openly available in the following link


The initial author list contains the editorial committee, workshop
participants who submitted contributions, as well as some others who made
direct contributions to the document. We recognize that many colleagues
beyond this initial list  have made important contributions to this
program.  While this grass-roots effort started with conversations among
the workshop participants, many others have expressed interest in this
program, contributed through discussions outside of the workshops, or plan
to contribute in the future.

We would like to invite all of you to sign this document as coauthor and
join us in this effort.

If you wish to support the CEBAF energy upgrade project, you can sign the
document as a coauthor by completing this form:


The deadline  for signing as a coauthor is June 7 at close of  business (5
p.m. EDT).

We plan to submit the document to the arXiv after this date, and
subsequently for publication in a refereed journal.

On behalf of the editorial committee,

Patrizia Rossi

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