[clas_members] shift/membership database maintainence

Nathan Baltzell baltzell at jlab.org
Tue Jun 27 12:52:11 EDT 2023

Hello Everyone,

JLab IT needs to update some mysql accounts on clasdb, to get rid of issues from password formats that were deprecated 20+ years ago and increasingly difficult to support.

The only affected accounts are for the CLAS membership and shifts/service-work/review systems:


Worst case scenario should be that, if you have one of those web sites open during the switch, you may need to reload the web page, but even that is very unlikely.  Nothing changes on how you login/authenticate/access those interfaces.

It would be best to get this done sooner than later, and since there's JLUO meeting this week and no shift/service-work deadlines, I'd propose to let it happen tomorrow.

Let me know if there's any objections.


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