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RC summary 9th of March

Day (Wednesday 8th of March):
 Beam went away at 9h. Nathan went down to replace faulty ECAL board. Beam was restored at 11h. Data taking on NH3+, 4nA, 47.8% polarization
Beam down for two hours to solve magnet mismatch in the accelerator. Data taking restarted at 13h
Overall, unstable beam. ABU 3h

Swing (Wednesday 8th of March):
Beam was noticeably better during first half of the shift. Took data until 20h. 
Request HWP out at 20h, data taking until 21h30 when accelerator RF issues kicked in.
Data taking restarted at 23h. Target polarization between 47.8 to 48.2%
Overall: beam got significantly better.  ABU 4h

Owl (Thursday 9th of March):
Good beam and good data taking, until 7h30 when injector had some issue. Beam restored at 8h 
Overall: very quiet shift. Almost a perfect shift. ABU 5.7h

Plan for the day: Keep taking data on NH3+. Discuss tomorrow’s target change to Carbon and NH3 polarization reversal at the RC meeting. Rafo will take over RC duties from 9am to 1pm today, for me to give my hall B staff interview seminar at 10am.
RC meeting at 2:00: https://clasweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/RGC_RC


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