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RC summary 11th of March

Day (10th of March):
Data taking until 10am when the beam went away for RF work in prevision of the week end
We took the opportunity to change target to NH3-. Radcon arrived at 11h and work began just afterward. Rafo and Sergey also went downstairs to work on muRWell DAQ. Data dating resumed at 14:45 after repolarization of the target.
The beam went down again after only 20 minutes, and only 1.2M events collected.
CHL1 cold box tripped and the whole south linac was down.
ABU: 1.3h

Swing (10th of March)
The south linac was restored at 19h30, but one cavity was lost in the North Linac. Beam back at 20h45. The beam position was off. It took 1h30 to get good beam quality back, thanks to the perseverance of Izzy. Thanks for this excellent job!
Data taking resumed at 22:17. 
Some BMT trips solved by power cycling the corresponding HV
Overall, a difficult second half of shift that was very well managed by the shifters
ABU: 1.25h

Owl (11th of March)
The accelerator was back on tracks and we took good data.
Many BMT trips. Expert was called and instructed shifters to adjust voltages and currents
At 7h55, MCC called to announce work on a RF cavity. Solved in 30 minutes.
After a pretty dreadful day in terms of ABU, this shift got us back on track. No majors issue to deal with 
ABU: 5h

Plan for the day: Switch HWP in during the afternoon (16h). Hall A is informed and said we can do it whenever we want. We will aim at roughly similar amount of In/out HWP data

Plan for the following days:
Sunday – Target change at 15h30 from NH3- to empty
Monday – Start ramping down the magnet at 7h. Radcon will come at 8h30 to establish Restricted access. The hall will stay open until all planned tasks (Magnet software update, muRwell installation, target work, torus polarity inversion) are done

There will be no RC meeting today. 

PS: There is ice cream in the CH freezer. ETA for the second batch of muffins: Monday 7am


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