[clas_term] CLAS collaboration meeting

natalie at jlab.org natalie at jlab.org
Mon Oct 8 18:15:33 EDT 2012

Hi CLAS termers,
It's that time again for the CLAS collbaboration meeting here at JLab and
it will be held from October 10-13. You are encouraged to register and if
applicable, to give a talk during your working group.


Also, during the meeting, the graduate students and postdocs will meet
during lunchtime on Thursday. FREE pizza and drinks will be provided
during our discussion. The chair of the collaboration, Ken Hicks, has
again agreed to meet with us to listen to our concerns and/or issues. I
encourage everyone to attend because it was VERY well received when Ken
attended in June.

Also, please take a look at the CLAS Term member wiki and feel free to add
any pertinent information.


Most importantly, is to ensure that you are a term member. Signing up for
the mailing list is not enough! And if you have a friend or know someone
who isn't a term member, ENCOURAGE them to become a member.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday or throughout the meeting!

Natalie Walford
Your representative in CLAS

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