[clas_term] Next collaboration meeting

natalie at jlab.org natalie at jlab.org
Thu Nov 6 04:53:59 EST 2014

Dear CLAS term members,
As some of you may know, I took a postdoc position at the University of
Basel and will no longer be located in the US. So that means, someone
needs to take over the very easy position of student/post-doc rep. It
really takes NONE of your time as the hardest thing is picking up the
pizzas and getting anyone to come to the lunch during the collaboration
meeting. I will not be at the meeting next week and it would be a shame
for the money to go to waste that I procured for CLAS. It's free pizza!!
And the other halls are now doing it as well, so we certainly don't want
to be the only ones not doing it due to lack of leadership. If you are
interested in taking over this position, please let me know and I can give
you more details. But, as I mentioned, it is VERY easy.


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