[Cuga] Survey on Scientific Computing at JLab- A message from Mark Ito

Lorelei Chopard lcarlson at jlab.org
Mon Jul 23 10:29:15 EDT 2012


The Jefferson Lab Users Group Board of Directors is conducting a survey 
on Users Group members' experience with scientific computing at the Lab, 
in other words computing as it affects the conduct of our scientific 
research. We would appreciate your participation! It should only take a 
few minutes of your time; responses are anonymous. We are interested in 
opinions from all members of the JLab scientific community, including 
those who may not be terribly familiar with the resources the Lab 
provides. The goal is to identify areas of strength to be preserved and 
areas of weakness to be improved.

The survey opens today and will run until Monday, August, 20, 2012. If 
you would like to participate (and we hope that you do) please go to


to complete the survey. Note that the survey is hosted off the Lab site 
by SurveyMonkey.

We will circulate a report of the results to the user community.

Thank you on behalf of the Board.

   -- Mark Ito

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