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Wed Sep 1 09:17:42 EDT 2010

*Postdoctoral Associate*

The Laboratory for Nuclear Science at MIT invites applications for a 
postdoctoral research associate position with the Hadronic Physics 
Group.  This position will involve the use of parity-violating electron 
scattering to probe nucleon structure.  The A4 experiment in Mainz, 
Germany probes the strangeness content of the proton.  The QWeak 
experiment at Jefferson Laboratory is designed to measure the weak 
charge of the proton and it represents a precision test of the Standard 
Model which will be sensitive to new physics at energies of several 
TeV.  It is a very challenging measurement which will fully test the 
experimental skills of the collaboration.

A Ph.D. in experimental nuclear or particle physics is required.  Please 
send a curriculum vitae, publication list, and three letters of 
recommendation to:

Prof. Stanley Kowalski

MIT 26-427
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307


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