[Cugapost] STAR postdoctoral position at Argonne---a message from Keith Griffioen

Rachel Harris harris at jlab.org
Mon Sep 27 10:32:38 EDT 2010


     We have an immediate opening for a postdoctoral fellow for STAR.
She/he would be involved in the analysis of inclusive prompt photon plus
jet longitudinal spin asymmetries, which relate to the gluon spin
distribution in the proton, and with inclusive pi0 longitudinal spin
asymmmetries.  The photon or pi0 would be detected in the endcap
electromagnetic calorimeter (EMC), partially constructed at Argonne, and
the jet in either the barrel or the endcap EMC.  He/she would also be
involved in some aspect of the Forward GEM Tracker upgrade to STAR, for
which our group has a construction role.  The Argonne group is also
working on spin effects in inclusive W+/- production and in very forward
particle production.  Further details can be found at


Please contact Hal Spinka (hms at anl.gov <mailto:hms at anl.gov>) when you apply.

                         Thank you,


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