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Postdoctoral Position in Experimental Hadron Physics at the Institute of 
Nuclear Physics in Orsay, France_

     A postdoctoral position in experimental hadron physics is opened at 
the Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay located 25km south of Paris. 
The successful candidate will join the hadronic physics group for a 
period of 3 years to work on the electromagnetic physics program of the 
PANDA experiment (FAIR/Darmstadt) and in the corresponding technical 

     IPN Orsay is a joint laboratory of the CNRS and the University of 
Paris Sud. It is the largest nuclear physics laboratory in France with 
more than a hundred researchers and faculty members and thirty PhD 
students who conduct research on dense and hot primordial matter, the 
origin of cosmic showers, the physical limits of atomic nuclei, the 
properties of short lived aggregates of protons and neutrons in stars, 
and the structure of matter in terms of quarks and gluons. The institute 
has technical divisions of primary importance, with more than 200 
engineers and technicians conducting frontier R&D in accelerator physics 
and instrumentation.

     The PANDA group at the IPN Orsay consists currently of seven 
permanent scientists and three PhD students. Since 2004 we are 
developing an ambitious program focused on the electromagnetic channels 
in antiproton proton annihilation reactions. The program contains 
detailed studies of the channels antiproton p ? l+  l- and l+ l- X 
(where l is a lepton) which the group wants to study with the FAIR 
machine, under construction in Darmstadt (Germany). These channels give 
access to the proton structure via the electric and magnetic form 
factors of the proton in the time-like region.

     The candidate will take an active part in the activities within the 
group which cover technical, computational and phenomenological aspects. 
He/she is expected to contribute to the validation of the calorimeter 
prototype, which includes tests with cosmic rays and with tagged photon 
and electron beams. These activities are to be executed in collaboration 
with the IPN detector R&D team. An important part of the task will be to 
verify that the measured experimental performances are in accordance 
with the simulated ones. These results will then be used to validate the 
final electromagnetic channels simulation under the most realistic 
     An other task will be the participation in the PANDAroot Monte 
Carlo, which includes code development for particle ID, tracking and 
filtering purposes, and physics channels simulations, based on locally 
developed event generators.
Part of the group is also involved in the HADES experiment at GSI. This 
program is currently taking data, thus providing a wealth of results for 
meson and e+e-pair production. Notably the IPN team is involved in the 
study of the reactions pp? p p e+ e-, np?n p e+  e- and ?- p ? n e+ e-, 
giving access to time-like transition form factors of baryons, in very 
close connection to the PANDA electromagnetic physics program. A 
participation of the candidate to this activity is encouraged, at the 
level of 20 to 30%.

     Applicants should have a Ph.D. in experimental physics. One to five 
years of post-doctoral experience in hadronic physics, with experience 
in simulation and/or analysis of experiments is preferred. Candidates 
should send a brief description of their work experience, and a short CV 
to Thierry Hennino (hennino at ipno.in2p3.fr 
<mailto:hennino at ipno.in2p3.fr>) before 31 may 2013. Letters of reference 
are appreciated. Any inquiries should be sent to the same address.

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