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Fri Jan 24 09:22:49 EST 2014

    The Israeli council of higher education has a postdoc fellowship program
for outstanding Indian and Chinese nationals.

Complete applications are due 15 Feb 2014

In relation to this fellowship we are seeking postdoc candidates with Chinese
or Indian nationality to work with the experimental nuclear physics group at
Tel Aviv or Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    The candidate is expected to take central role in the  group activity that
1. analysis of an experiment to measure the proton form factor ratio
          at very low momentum transfer at JLab (E08-007).

2. analysis of Hall B data (data mining project).

3. analysis of SRC experiment at JLab (E07-006).

4.analsis of experiment at MAINZ to study in medium proton form factor

5. design and prototyping of a neutron polarimeter for the A1 experimental
    hall at the MAMI accelerator at Mainz.

6. construction of A Large Acceptance Detector (LAD) for the 12 GeV JLab.

7. Measure muon-proton scattering proposed at the PSI facility.

8. preperation of new proposals to 12 GeV JLab.

The candidate will also have the opportunity to develop his/her own research
program in the field of Electro Nuclear physics.

A PhD in experimental nuclear physics is required. The candidate must have a
strong background in particle detector technology, detector simulation and data
analysis. The candidate will be resident in Isreal with trips to accelerator
laboratories in USA and Germany.

Interested candidates should send (1) a letter of application, (2) a curriculum
vitae, (3) a list of selected publications, (4) a brief statement of research
interests and (5) a list of three references . Candidates should also arrange
for letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the address below.

Eli Piasetzky, Tel Aviv University              eip at tauphy.tau.ac.il
Guy Ron, Hebrew University of Jerusalem         gron at racah.phys.huji.ac.il

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