[Cugapost] JEFFERSON LAB Theory Center Postdoctoral Positions 2016

Lorelei Chopard lorelei at jlab.org
Tue Oct 20 14:22:30 EDT 2015

The Jefferson Lab Theory Center expects to have up to four postdoctoral 
positions from September 2016 to join a program of research in 
theoretical hadronic and nuclear physics that motivates and supports 
JLab experiments at 12 GeV and beyond.
This includes:

  * Calculation of the properties of light nuclei and their electroweak
    interactions using Quantum Monte Carlo methods;

  * Studies of strong coupling QCD on the lattice and in the continuum
    to compute the spectrum, decays, transition form factors and
    multidimensional structure of hadrons;

  * The application of Effective Field Theories to nuclear and hadronic

  * The application of perturbative QCD to single and multi-dimensional
    hadron distributions (both TMDs and GPDs), and their extraction from
    data applying QCD factorization theorems;

  * The application of scattering theory methods to the phenomenology of
    multi-hadron final states relevant for the spectroscopy program at
    JLab and elsewhere;

  * and the implication of all such studies for a future electron-ion

Please see attached for further details.

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