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Open Position Announcement

Hall A/C Group Leader

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) currently has an open position opportunity for a Hall A and C (combined) Group Leader to provide overall management of the physics research program for these experimental halls. Experimental Hall A recently installed major equipment and launched the Super BigBite Spectrometer suite of experiments, while preparing for the upcoming MOLLER and future SoLID projects. A vigorous scientific program is foreseen for Hall C using the HMS and super HMS spectrometers, as well as new equipment such as a the Neutral Particle Spectrometer and Compact Photon Source. The initial physics program of the Halls includes studies of generalized and transverse momentum dependent parton distribution functions of the nucleon, nucleon and meson form factors, detailed measurements of nucleon valence quark structure at large x, and studies of fundamental properties of atomic nuclei.

The Hall A/C Group Leader is responsible for the staging and execution of the experiments. He/she is also responsible for the further development of the research program through collaboration with users, staff, and advisory committees. The responsibilities also include management of all Hall scientific, postdoctoral, engineering and technical staff, as well as budget planning and resource allocation. The successful candidate will provide coordination, leadership and communication with the Hall A and C user communities, and organization of technical and human resources towards expedient science results and publication.

The successful candidate will be an internationally recognized expert in the forefront of nuclear/particle physics. A record of scientific excellence as demonstrated by publication is required. The candidate must possess significant professional experience in intermediate energy nuclear/particle physics or a closely related area, of which a minimum of three years is in a management capacity. The candidate should have technical experience with a broad variety of experimental equipment such as large-scale detectors, high rate data acquisition and trigger systems, beam monitoring devices, and offline software for charged particle tracking and detector simulations. Demonstrated supervisory, planning, problem solving, decision making and communication skills are required. A Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear or Particle Physics or the equivalent combination of education, experience, and specific training is required.

Interested applicants should apply on the Jefferson Lab jobs site (https://www.jlab.org/job-openings) and arrange to have at least two reference letters emailed to Jennifer Finch (finch at jlab.org). Applicants are encouraged to let Jennifer know they have applied and who will be submitting the reference letters.

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