[Dsg-engineering] 2024-02-20 DSG Engineering Meeting Minutes

Pablo Campero Rojas campero at jlab.org
Wed Feb 21 12:09:53 EST 2024

Hello All,

DSG has a weekly engineering meeting.
Here are some highlights:

Design of the gantry's support for LAPPD is completed.
Debugged NPS detector's temperature sensors located at the front side of the crystals.
For the EIC-DIRC, discussed options for remote pressure monitoring by chase car of shipping crates’ air suspension system.

More details can be found in the link below.
DSG Engineering Meeting Minutes 2024-02-20<https://www.jlab.org/sites/default/files/dsg/minutes/engineering/DSG%20Engineering%20Meeting%202024-02-20.pdf>

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