[Dsg-halla_lappd] LAPPD gantry home sensor relocation

Pablo Campero Rojas campero at jlab.org
Wed May 22 10:19:20 EDT 2024

Hello Simona,

The home sensors of the gantry positioning system for the X and Y axis were relocated.
We had to reposition one of the gantry deck bars to allow for repositioning of the home sensor in the Y axis.
The carrier travel limit was reestablished to ensure that the optical fiber does not touch the LAPPD frame but there are still a few millimeters that we can move towards the corner (0, 0 position), if this is needed.
We tested the new zero position for both X and Y; worked as expected, however, we have some findings that we would like to share with you before we proceed to square and anchor the support structure to the base of the dark box.
When would be a good time to meet at the ESB?
Marc and I will be available tomorrow morning.

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