[Dsg-hallc_controls] RSlogix 5000

Pablo Campero Rojas campero at jlab.org
Wed Apr 10 10:18:50 EDT 2019

Hello Steve,

There is not licenses for RSLogix 5000 running on DSG  computer, the two RSLogix 5000 licenses purchased by COPS (with serial # 2445046769 and 2445046770) are running on the "cadlm2" server. Licenses can be access by selected users from all Subnets in JLAB.
Whit Seay has already been added to the RSLOGIX-5000  licenses running on the cadlm2 server in November 2018. He should be able to use them with no problem by adding the "cadlm2" server on  FactoryTalk Activation Manager at the Update Activation Search Path.

Best Regards,
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 Whit will need to access a license for RSlogix 5000 available on the DSG network/computer.

Please assist Whit in setting this up.

Thank you

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