[Dsg-hallc_controls] SHMS/HMS Heartbeat database files

Pablo Campero Rojas campero at jlab.org
Wed Apr 17 11:37:48 EDT 2019

Hi Mike,

The OpcIocShell application running on skylla7 is a EPICS OPC Device Support module, which provides Device Support for the Windows platform to access variables located on an OPC server.  The OpcIocShell application is compatible with EPICS release 3.14.12, so then all records in this EPICS release 3.14.12 should work including the Calculation and Output (calout) record.

In this particular case ("calout") is a record used to generate a continuous counter and pulse binary signal that represents the SoftIOC heartbeat counter and the heartbeat pulse respectively; these calculated record values are transferred to a  regular analog output (ao) and  binary output (bo) records, which are then passed to the OPC Server.
I tested these database files (HMS/SHMS) on the DSG test station setup running with the same HMS/SHMS PLC software version, OPC server, and the same OpcIOCShell application versions. This is the same test stand setup that I show you running with no issues during our last meeting held on April 5th, 2019. See attached screen shoot of the CSS screen running the results of the simulation setup.

Best Regards,

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The OPC soft IOC does not support record type "calcout"



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Hello Stephen,

I have attached HMS and SHMS DB Files with the fields required to implement PLC heartbeat status  and EPICS-IOC heartbeat status.

As you'll notice, the attached DB Files contains already the suggested EPICS PV name and OPC tag address for each variable (See attached spreadsheet).

Also, the DB files contains the code/fields needed for the generation of a continues IOC_heartbeat and IOC_counter signal.

Best Regards,

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