[Dsg-hallc_controls] [EXTERNAL] Re: CAEN board shipped

Greg Kibilko greg at setechsales.com
Tue Oct 29 07:46:38 EDT 2019

Hi Pablo,

I appreciate the update and the PRN.  I'll track progress on our side 
and keep you in the loop.  Hope to have the board back to you with the 
full firmware fix ASAP.


On 10/29/2019 7:45 AM, Pablo Campero Rojas wrote:
> Hello Greg,
> The A7030TN board has been sent yesterday and the schedule delivery 
> date is  10/29/2019.
> PRN # (W10575) number has been added as a reference to the shipping 
> container.
> Please, keep me updated with the board reception.
> Best Regards,
> Pablo

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