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Walter Wittmer wittmer at jlab.org
Fri Mar 25 07:35:07 EDT 2022

Hello Joe,

Thank you for your laying the foundation on which we all can build. It has been a great pleasure to work with you and I will mis you. I wish you all the best and Fair Winds and Following Seas on your next endeavors.

Thank you,


On Mar 24, 2022, at 10:33 AM, Sherry Thomas <sthomas at jlab.org<mailto:sthomas at jlab.org>> wrote:

On Behalf of the EICPP Project Manager, Allison Lung

Dear EICPP Team,

Time to share the news regarding the upcoming retirement of our esteemed colleague  and fearless RF Systems Lead, Joe Preble, effective May 1st.  While there will be other opportunities to offer thanks for his immeasurable contributions to Jefferson Lab, I want to highlight the technical and management leadership he brought to the EIC Partnership Project these last few years.  Joe has been instrumental in the development of all the Jefferson Lab EIC responsibilities, including most recently the bottom-up cost and  schedule analysis of our RF scope.

We are very fortunate that Ed Daly has agreed to take on Joe's EIC project responsibilities.  Ed, already an EIC RF Systems L3 Manager, brings more than 30 years of experience  in lab operations and DOE projects such as the SuperCollider, PEP-II, SPEAR3, 12 GeV CEBAF Upgrade, LCLS-II, and SNS PPU.

Please join me in thanking Joe and welcoming Ed into this expanded EICPP role.  Feel free to share this news with other members of your EIC teams.

Best -

Allison Lung
EICPP Project Manager
Jefferson Lab
lung at jlab.org<mailto:lung at jlab.org>
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