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Dear EIC Staff:

BNL, JLab, and our collaborators continue to move forward with the design and planning of the EIC facility.  During this ramp up phase of the project the pace of our progress is constrained by the available funding.  Current funding supports the addition of personnel and critical hires and we will continue to introduce the people joining the EIC team at the regular coffee breaks.  There are two changes in engineering leadership roles I would like to highlight.

Katherine Wilson, JLab, joined EIC Partnership Project (EICPP) leadership team as the EICPP Project Engineer.  Katherine has 26 years of engineering experience, over 22 years of which are at Jefferson Lab.  She was involved in most of the cryomodule projects during that time, as well as beam transport and detector design.   In her new role, Katherine will support the Deputy Project Manager as the lead engineer for the Jefferson Lab EICPP, managing the overall EIC engineering for Jefferson Lab, including coordination and integration activities with the BNL EIC Project Team and future project partners.

Kevin Smith will move to a new role as the Deputy Technical Director.  Kevin has played a key role to date as the Deputy Level 2 WBS Manager for RF and also as the BNL Deputy Technical Systems Division Director.  Kevin joined BNL in 1988 and has been involved in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of accelerator systems for over 32 years.  Prior to joining the EIC, he served as Deputy Head of Collider-Accelerator RF Systems, SRF Group Leader and LLRF Head.  As the Deputy Technical Director, Kevin will support the Technical Director in developing and executing the EIC project to achieve the design technical performance of the EIC scope and provide technical direction, oversight, and coordination for project-wide engineering activities.

These changes and others are part of a wider effort within the project to strengthen design and engineering capabilities as we transition into preliminary design and prepare for construction.  The original focus of the EIC Executive Management Team (EMT) was strategic issues including securing CD-1, detector selection, promoting partnership, and preparation for CD-2/3A.  The focus of EMT meetings will need to broaden to address implementation plans and issues.  We will modify the format and participation in the EIC meetings accordingly.

Two weeks ago BNL and JLab leaders and the EIC Executive Management Team met with the DOE Office of Nuclear Physics (ONP) and the Office of Project Assessment (OPA) at their offices in Germantown, Maryland.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss EIC progress and plans, and in particular the current project planning assumptions.   The OPA and ONP directors recognized the outstanding progress made by our team in a very short period of time and the reality that funding is constraining the desired ramp up in staffing and effort needed at this critical stage.  The immediate planning issue under discussion is a revision to the reference funding profile used for project planning.  The revised profile will address both the actual funding received in FY2022, a 50% increase over FY2021, and the funding possibilities for FY2023 which range from level to double FY2022.  We will continue to lean forward and mature our designs and update cost estimates and schedules.  The Federal Project Director will conduct an EIC Status Meeting on June 28-30, 2022.  An OPA review is planned for the end of the calendar year.

There will be an EIC All Hands meeting in the next couple of weeks to elaborate on these topics and others.


Jim Yeck
Associate Laboratory Director & EIC Project Director
Electron-Ion Collider
Brookhaven National Laboratory
C: (608) 999-1740
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