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EIC Federal Project Director (FPD) Status Update Speakers and Contributors:

June 28-30 are the dates for the upcoming Federal Project Director (FPD) Status Update.  The latest agenda is attached.  The status update will be held at BNL with mostly in-person attendees but also with the option to join remotely.  Given the resent COVID spike in the New York area, we may need to limit the number of individuals in rooms and/or make some adjustments to our plans. Please bear with us as we work through this.

The purpose of the FPD update meeting is to give the Level 2 WBS Managers the opportunity to share their progress with the FPD, Robert Caradonna, and his deputies, Bryan Foley and Joe Diehl.  Also in attendance will be members from the DOE Office of Science (SC) Office of Nuclear Physics (NP) and Kurt Fisher from the DOE Office of Project Assessment (OPA). This is not a review, but we should treat it like it is and should expect that there may be questions from the DOE participants.  We will plan to post a limited amount of background material and all of the speaker presentations, similar to the way we always do for reviews - two weeks prior to the review for the backup material and one week prior to the review for the presentations.

This is a reminder that we have now frozen the P6 data.  It is OK if your latest updates are not included. We are snapping a line and will report on status. We will have a spot in your presentation template to add activities that you need to do to get to CD-2/3A and you can include any missing tasks.  I don't expect that everything will be in a neat and tidy package.  We do expect, though, that the cost will be too high, and the schedule will be too long.  We will plan to address this in a series of cost and schedule scrutiny events. We would like to have one event prior to the June status update to show that we have already started.  More details to follow soon on this.

Please take a look at the agenda. The Level 2 WBS Managers are all giving talks, which will be a sub-set of the slides which were presented in the recent cost and schedule sessions.  A template is attached, showing which slides you should include.

As usual, we will conduct "Page Turns" of your talks. These will take place the week of June 6.  (A page turn agenda to follow.)  We will talk about the details and any adjustments that you need to make at the Page Turn meetings.  A prep site is being prepared in SharePoint and a link will be sent out soon so that you can post your talk. Project controls will be providing you with updated cost and schedule slides once they get the data all updated and ready to go in P6.

We will hold a more official review of your updated talks at the Dry Runs which will be scheduled during the week of June 13.  The dry runs will be held in person for the BNL Level 2 WBS Managers (in Berkner B) with a Zoom option for others.  More info on the dry runs will follow.

 FPD Status Update Timeline

  *   May 24, 2022 - Freeze Date for P6 Data
  *   Week of June 6 - Page Turns for the FPD Status Update
  *   Week of June 13 - Dry Runs
  *   Post Backup Material - June 14
  *   Post Talks - June 21
  *   June 28-30, 2022 - FPD Status Update


PS:  Please feel free to forward this to others who I might have missed.

Diane R. Hatton (she/her/hers)
Electron-Ion Collider Project Manager
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Building 1005S
Upton, NY   11973

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