[Hallb-engineering] THE NEXT TWO WEEKS

Doug Tilles tilles at jlab.org
Fri Jul 31 13:04:26 EDT 2009

To all concerned:

        I will be on Vac for the next two weeks. Tom is in charge of the 
hall. The work that needs to be concentrated on is,

        TOF repairs by Tom and Denny with support of Stephan as cross 

        Support of the Target group due to the failure of the control 
valve in the Target, More will be known early next week, as Chris test 
the system by using the
        bypass  valve as a control point.

        MRI in the Hall for the completion of the HVAC work.

        BONUS gas system work Geo and Hovanis and Calvin need to make 
progress on the gas system. Geo has a number of parts on order and with 
the parts that
        have already been ordered, but are not yet in Shipping and Rec. 
Geo needs to help Calvin with the layout of the panel so he can do the 
machining for the
        component parts and piping.
        Reassembling of CLAS

        As a fill in job the materials in the semi clean room need to be 
moved to the storage building so Jose can setup the scin area.

        Any support by members of the Eng group would be appreciated.

        Please contact Tom for any help need or if you can asset in any work


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