[Hallb-engineering] R2S1 DCLV Blown fuse replaced, OK for now, but still draws 2 amps vs 1.2 amp normal

George Jacobs jacobsg at jlab.org
Tue Nov 10 16:57:43 EST 2009

R2S1 DCLV had a blown fuse. Current dropped from 22.78 to 20.72. I made 
an access and replaced #13 (R2S1 STB 6.2) fuse. Current returned to near 
the original value.

This is OK for now, but may blow again any moment. The original fuse was 
a 3.15 amp size, replaced with the same. Typical current on one of these 
fuses is ~1.2 amps, so this one is drawing ~70% more than normal, so 
it's reasonable to expect it to blow again.

If it blows again, it should be considered a new permanent hole. This 
can be repaired in January during the opening when the CLAS is split.

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