[Hallb-engineering] tagger_output_a_temp removed from oncall pager

Krister Bruhwel bruhwel at jlab.org
Mon Nov 30 09:12:41 EST 2009


I have noticed that the signal tagger_output_a_temp is acting up again.  
This hardware has become problematic and needs to be looked into and 
until then there is no point in using it.  The purpose of alarming on 
this signal was due to an incident that happened many years ago.  The 
LCW system failed and the temperature of the system went very cold 
causing condensation and damage to various box supplies.  We have the 
signal FC_beam_stop_water_in_temp in the paging system that will alert 
us to this condition so there isn't any reason not to remove 
tagger_output_a_temp until its fixed and proven reliable.


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