[Hallb-engineering] MyaViewer

Krister Bruhwel bruhwel at jlab.org
Mon Oct 19 15:57:43 EDT 2009


I have added a script to the clasrun account on clon01 to access the 
MyaViewer program.  Log onto clarun at clon01 and enter MyaViewer and the 
screen should pop. 

On the right side is an Add Signal Button.  These are the signals that 
one can choose to plot.  Under that list the channels that begin with 
"HallB_" are the ones that I have entered thus far.   If anyone wishes 
to add their own signals use this link: 
http://devweb.acc.jlab.org/controls_web/cjs/request/request.php  Make 
sure that you read up on the deadbands and I recommend that we follow 
the HallB_* pattern so that its easy for us to find our signals (there 
are many signals in this app).  I will continue to add signals based off 
our clasweb time histories so please don't duplicate my efforts.  I will 
make preloaded buttons on clas_epics for cryo recoveries and the like. 

There is a strip chart option under the File Menu for real time data 
just like the StripTool app we are using now.  Use the Archive screen 
for typical data logger applications.

There are many option available in this program and the Help button is a 
great place to start.


Looks like this:

Strip Tool:

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