[Hallb-engineering] Sec 5 CC leak

Denny Insley dinsley at jlab.org
Thu Sep 10 14:33:17 EDT 2009

   Calvin and I went into the Hall to investigate the leak in Sec5 CC 
today. Using a bore scope and one of our refrigerant leak detectors I 
was able to find what may be our problem or at least part of it. I was 
able to raise panel 2 TOF's enough to see the bottom window which 
allowed me to leak test part of the vertical edge, side and back. I got 
strong readings at the piping in the lower corner and detected nothing 
above or around that area. From what I can tell one of several things 
may be causing this, movement may have loosened  a coupling, caused a 
stress crack in the piping or pressure from cables and piping may have 
rubbed a hole in the window.  The plus side to this is that I am 
confident that I can repair at least this problem without having to 
remove the detector.  This may not be the only problem but I am fairly 
certain it is a major contributor. I can get a much better idea of what 
else may be a problem when the forward carriage is retracted.


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