[Hallb-engineering] On-Call List

Krister Bruhwel bruhwel at jlab.org
Wed Apr 14 15:48:26 EDT 2010


George pointed it out to me this morning that the On-Call list is off by 
a week.  I made a mistake.  This could be due to changing the Microsoft 
spreadsheet to an OpenOffice spread sheet, but maybe not.  Since I'm 
going to making these lists from now on, I have made a program to 
generate the lists.  This is not necessarily a better way to do it, but 
its easier for me.  I'm attaching the basic html table output of the 
program.  The rotation is now as it would of been.  Steve and Doug 
swapped too early and so Steve gets swapped back in to make the table 

I have verified the table with George, Steve, and Doug.  Please review 
and comment. 

After comments, I will write the rest of the program to generate all the 
fluff for distribution.

Very sorry for the error,
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