[Hallb-engineering] [Fwd: early start to FROST removal]

David Kashy kashy at jlab.org
Mon Aug 16 14:33:17 EDT 2010


I think it would be good for Bob and Saptarshi to work with you for a 
few hours a couple of times this week. If you can use them productively 
please contact them to see when is best for them to spend some time 
working in Hall B. They have lots of other work but learning more about 
the hall and how we do things will help them and thus all of us in the 
long term.


tilles at jlab.org wrote:
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> Subject: early start to FROST removal
> From:    tilles at jlab.org
> Date:    Mon, August 16, 2010 2:27 pm
> To:      hallb_engineering at jlab.org
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> To All
> It looks like we can start removing Frost on Wed instead of Fri. Anyone
> free who could help with the Frost removal would be great, as not to
> impact Carriage moves by pulling people off to help with Frost.   DOUG
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