[Hallb-engineering] IOC reboots

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Another thing to check is that the oncall paging system comes back up as its needed during the holiday season because its the oncall's main link to the hall.  Nobody is there and the paging system matters the most during holidays.  I don't understand why we have such late notice nor why its being done at such a vulnerable time.  Why not wait until everyone is back at work.  If that's   not possible why not proper planning?  Is this an emergency?


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From: "bruhwel at jlab.org" <bruhwel at jlab.org>
Date: Mon, Dec 20, 2010 09:07
Subject: [Hallb-engineering] IOC reboots
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Are we sure its only clean power?  The last time they got the circuits mixed up as I recall.  The Torus  vacuum pumps might trip.  The Buffer Dewar will need to be checked to make sure it comes back at all as it gets its kernel over the network.  Why are they scheduling work on a shutdown day?  Nobody is working on the 28th except specially approved people.  By them (Facilities Management?) scheduling work they just enlisted more workers to work on a day that needs special approvals.  This doesn't sound right does it?

If something goes wrong what support does the oncall turn to?

I'm on vacation as are most.


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Date: Mon, Dec 20, 2010 06:47
Subject: [Hallb-engineering] IOC reboots
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Who is looking into the IOC reboot problem?

The counting house reboots IOC and the wrong values come back and shut 
down the systems. The Eng on call has been here all week end replacing 
the values in the PID loops. After reboots all the wrong info goes into 
the PID loops.

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