[Hallb-engineering] (no subject)

tilles at jlab.org tilles at jlab.org
Sun Jan 3 17:12:28 EST 2010

To All

I will be a day late coming back to work, I will be there on Tue.

Denny and Cal can you please put on the lifting fixture on the IC and
remove it, Please make sure to keep all parts with it in it's crate. Put
the yellow valve units from the DVCS cart and all of the hardware in a

David please get with Krister and have the DVCS PS tagged out and the
power cables disconnected and pulled back.

Then the DVCS needs to be disconnect and rigged to removed. If you feel
uncomfortable with removing it wait until I come in Tue.

Stephan check with the target group and see if there is anything you can
to to help them in the EEL getting Frost ready to move to the hall.

Geo, this might be a good time to look for any R2 gas leaks.


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